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86 Morris Ave. (HWY #35) Suite #4
Neptune City, NJ 07753

Bath and Nails:
Bath and Trim:
haircut, bath, fluff dry, pads trimmed/shaved, nail clipping, and ear cleaning, cologne, bows or bandanas
Bath, blowout, brush out, trimming if necessary, nail, bandanas or bows.
If you have any question concerning, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solutions for you.
Full Grooming: 
Bath, for dogs not requiring any additional grooming bandanas or bows.
Nagayu CO2 Bath:
Add on for doggies with skin issues and requiring additional skin treatment. 
What is it?
It is a compressed tablet consisting of carbon dioxide, hydrogen,and bicarbonate.

The system adds ions into the rinse following the shampoo, which has been an effective medical treatment on humans for years. This method originated in a small village name “Nagayu” located at southern Japan, where carbon dioxide naturally occurs in hot springs.
How does it work?

The tablet is placed in a special shower head and is immediately dissolved with fresh, running water. When the body absorbs bicarbonate ions through the skin it causes the body to synthesize and release nitric oxide into the inner lining of the blood vessel. This process increases blood circulation and oxygen absorption. When oxygen is absorbed, bicarbonate ions and carbon dioxide within the body are excreted as by-products. This process helps in the maintaining of the pH levels in the blood and skin. $5.00 add on

Flea Baths: 
Flea bathes include all the services of the full bathes. We will use a special flea shampoo and comb to kill all the fleas and remove them from the pet. Add on $10.00
Hair Styling:
Add on Non-Toxic Hair Dying will be used to give you fur baby an extra zing! Mohawks/Curls $20.00 add on.

and Carding:
Stripping or hand-stripping is the process of pulling the dead hair out of the coat of a non-shedding dog, either by using a stripping knife or the fingers. A hard, wiry coat has a cycle where it starts growing and then sheds as it reaches maximum length. Starting at $150.00 & up(depends on coat and work involved).
We can add Curls 
Add on $20.00
Show Groom
Starting @ $200.00
We can do Mohawks
Add on $25.00
Hand-stripping or Carding AVAILABLE!
Starting  @ $150.00